When Life is a Drama Drawing Started.



Berlin Calling

Next time I’ll go to Berlin for party like an animal – think about 3 important things to be careful of:

1 – Do not share the cloakroom with 5 others party animals. Without your jacket Berlin is very cold…in November.

2 – For the “after party” choose a place next to your hostel.

3 – Always bring your sunglasses ! Chola !


Guest List Routine 

Yeah sometimes it works… sometimes it doesn’t… ok it’s very rare. Ok just leave the party walking like a boss.

Stroller Attack

I don’t know what we hate the most…Shopping Center on a busy Saturday or these baby stroller everyday… I think both. Oh come on, just kidding we love children… huh.

*Je ne sais pas ce que nous détestons le plus entre ces gros centres commerciaux le samedi ou ces poussettes… tous les jours… Je pense les deux. Ho ca va, ca va.. on adore les enfants… Il est certain que je me vengerai quand l’heure viendra. Attention à vos pieds !



Mouse Street Station 

Nap before party

Find Chola!


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